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avatar for Masayuki Hatta

Masayuki Hatta

Surugadai University
Associate Professor
Within 23 wards, Tokyo, Japan
Masayuki Hatta (八田真行) is an associate professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Surugadai University in Saitama, Japan. Origianlly trained as an economist/organizational theorist, Hatta has also been writing and talking extensively about the so-called intellectual property issues and software licensing in particular. He is also a journeyman hacker (a GNU and Debian developer), an avid supporter of the Free Software cause and a vocal advocate for hacktivism and the freedom of internet in general. Hatta also serves as a visiting research fellow at Centre for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan and was formerly a research fellow at Institute of Intellectual Property of Japan (2010-2011).Hatta has been involved with several Internet-based activism in Japan, such as Movements for Internet Active Users (MIAU), an organization made models of EFF/ORG, and Open Knowledge Foundataion Japan, the Japan chapter of Open Knowledge, for both as a founding member. One of his ongoing project is establishing Tor-based anonymous leaking support site a la PubLeaks.nl in Japan.