Welcome, everyone! Mark your calendars -- Asia’s first investigative journalism conference is happening. Join us in Manila on November 22-24 for this breakthrough event, bringing together top investigative reporters, data journalists, and media law and security experts from across Asia and around the world. 

Check back soon for updates on our program. IJAsia14 will feature nearly 30 sessions and special events. There will be panels on digging out hidden facts online, the environment, business, and how to fund your project; seminars on security and tracking dirty money; data journalism workshops by the best in the business; and much more.

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Smari McCarthy

Icelandic Modern Media Institute

I am Smári McCarthy – software developer, writer, hacker, freedom fighter. A jack of many trades. I travel a lot, I do a lot of talks, I write a lot. I use Twitter and Facebook (reluctantly). I live and die by e-mail. There are other ways to contact me. Somebody wrote a Wikipedia pageabout me.

I work on Mailpile and some other things. I used to be the executive director of IMMI, but now I’m a board member there instead. I work on everything from information security and free software development to infrastructure assessments, general technical consulting, information policy planning, political consulting, and whatever.

Some interests: Societal cybernetics, self-organization, control systems, statistics, digital freedoms (free software, free hardware, free culture, free spectrum), digital fabrication, industrialization & industrial policy, international law.